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Danger Level 2: Infectious Illnesses 

BactiBarrier Germ Defense

BactiBarrier preserves soft and hard surfaces in your household.

Allow Complete Restoration to safeguard your friends, family, and staff from dangerous fungi, bacteria, algae, yeast, and viruses with BactiBarier’s microbial protection system. This durable antimicrobial protection treatment can be applied on all kinds of surfaces. A surface sanitized and treated by the 2-step BactiBarrier system will defend your floors from microbial build-up. BactiBarrier develops a long-term shield on a surface that germs can’t break through.

Can the treatment be used on all surfaces safely?

For the most part, yes. You can pre-test any doubtful or substantially delicate surface to figure out if the products will negatively impact them, but this technology has fastened to just about all surface types safely.

The application can last for as long as the treated area remains intact, assuming the surfaces aren’t put through major soiling or rough cleaning processes.

The treatment has no dangerous or offensive lingering smells, and the microscopic film of protection can’t be touched or seen. This protective layer offers a coating that prevents growth.

The contamination level on a floor, prior to and after sanitation, can be measured with a Hygienic Adenosine Triphosphate meter, also known as an ATP meter. Specifically, the meter determines how clean or contaminated a surface is.

What are the areas the BactiBarrier system can be used in?

Common Surfaces – desks, chairs, door handles, countertops, bathroom surfaces, common contact surfaces, sinks, toilets, and kitchen surfaces.

Building Components and Materials – engineered lumber, wooden building materials, flakeboard, plywood, particle board, oriented strand board, sheathing, fiberboard, planking or decking, vinyl siding, wall board, wood siding, plastic siding, cinder blocks, concrete and concrete products, ceiling tiles, brick, stone, louvers, architectural metal, coping, and vents.

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